👋 Welcome Back!

It’s official. Jack, Nicole, Jackson and Elliott are back! 🎉

Jack and Nicole have agreed to step in as the leaders of our kids ministry beginning this month as Elizabeth moves to focus more of her time in pursuit of a full time teaching career. Thanks Elizabeth for all you’ve done for our church family and Jack and Nicole we’re so excited y’all are back! 

jack and nicole .jpg

❤️ Why I Love Our Church ❤️

For those who missed this last Sunday, things didn’t exactly go to plan. Or did they?  🤔

Some bodies needed extra rest, while others needed to recover from sickness. As a result our attendance, shall we say, was a bit sparse. And that’s saying something given our little group to begin with lol! 

When our designated leader for the day didn’t show up by 10am - our usual start time - I was concerned to say the least and figured a phone call was better than a text. Turns out she overslept. While talking through (and chuckling to ourselves) about the situation and what to do next, I told her it seems like her body was telling her she needed some rest so - here’s a novel concept - she should use this day of rest to, I don’t know, rest. 

By then, just a small handful showed anyway. We circled up the chairs and asked, “So, what should we do now?” That’s when something awesome started to happen.

While one among us shared a passage out of Psalm she’d been pondering during the week, another dropped subtle nuggets of wisdom through the ramblings of conversation.

Everyone in their own way shared a little something and after what seemed like only a moment, we wrapped up with a beautiful/inspired summary from another among us who captured perfectly what each person brought to the table that day.

Requests for prayer and dividing those requests among we few closed out our time together.

Best “church” service I’ve been to in a long time.