William Jessup Lecture Series | Dr. Greg Boyd
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William Jessup Lecture Series | Dr. Greg Boyd

Pastor, theologian, apologist and author, Dr. Greg Boyd, will speak on "Reconciling the God of Violence and The God of Grace."  He gained international attention a few years ago when The New York Times wrote an article on his controversial book, The Myth of a Christian Nation. Tickets to this event are available at jessup.edu/springlecture.

To see a bit of his story, check out this interview form 2006: 


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Paul's Worst Life Now
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Paul's Worst Life Now

This Week: Philippians 1:12-26 - Paul's Worst Life Now

In this week's passage, Paul lays out the benefit of being in prison. 

He's follows that by describing the joy of being slandered.

He tops it off by describing out how cool his death will be. 

Wait. What? 

Paul simply sees life a lot differently than we do.  We'll discuss why this Sunday.


Photo by Catherine Zaidova on Unsplash

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